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the world luxury index china 2013

the world luxury index china 2013

the world luxury index china 2013 600 414 digital devotee

The Digital Luxury Group has issued their 2nd edition of the World Luxury Index™ China ranking and analyzing the most-sought after luxury brands in China. This year’s report reveals that Chinese consumer interest in the luxury market is dominated by heavyweights: Cars (53.50%), Beauty (22.70%) and Fashion (14.90%). New brands to enter the Top 50 are: Elizabeth Arden (#43) and Rado (#50), whilst Salvatore Ferragamo and Moncler are “out” of this year’s rankings. Some of the most interesting findings are specifically what products people are searching and how they find them – often with local slang terms rather than the original brand name. For example Clinique’s ‘Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel’ is known as ’The Butter’ (黄油) in China.
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