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report: china mobile internet in 2013


report: china mobile internet in 2013

report: china mobile internet in 2013 1004 300 digital devotee

Analysys and Enfodesk have published their Statistical Report of China Mobile Internet in 2013. Good hard numbers for any market aiming at the China market.

What they say is make sure you have a mobile app for Android and think about men in smaller towns who shop for less expensive products! Not to say there isn’t a great market for luxury goods, but the mass market is here!


Mobile Internet Users

[icon name=”icon-mobile-phone” size=”3x”] 652 million

[icon name=”icon-building” size=”2x”] 84% live in urban areas

[icon name=”icon-android” size=”2x”] 70% use Android phones

[icon name=”icon-time” size=”2x”] 16:00-20:00 peak hours

Mobile Shopping App Users

[icon name=”icon-arrow-up” size=”2x”] 22% 36+ yrs

[icon name=”icon-money” size=”2x”] 26% earn 2000-2999Yuan/month

[icon name=”icon-male” size=”2x”] 59% male

[icon name=”icon-home” size=”2x”] 27% prefecture city

[icon name=”icon-gear” size=”2x”] Taobao + JD = Top apps

[button url=”https://digitaldevotee.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Analysys_Statistical-Report-of-China-Mobile-Internet-in-2013.pptx” arrow=”right”]DOWNLOAD REPORT[/button]

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