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moxie future financial services website + email + social

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We worked with Moxie Future to create a platform for empowering women as financial decision-makers, and as responsible investors.  The site provides valuable news and insights about responsible investing, a community forum, email subscriptions and access to the ground breaking Responsible Investment Roadmap.  Moxie Future will also soon be releasing their own research about women and their investing habits and needs.

The graphics system we created for the brand has also been implemented on Social Media and Advertising to draw audiences to the content – one of the most worthy and timely projects we’ve done!

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From the outset, working with Digital Devotee has been a fantastic experience. Taura’s design of the Moxie Future website was completely aligned with our vision – and her boundless energy and original ideas has resulted in us achieving much more. I view Digital Devotee more as a partner, bringing fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the Moxie Future brand. I cannot recommend DD enough!


Jessica Robinson
Founder + Managing Director, Moxie Future