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kintillo consulting website + email

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Kintillo Consulting is run by Farzana Aslam – law professor, human rights activist, author – who provides workplace training and coaching.

In working with Kintillo we established a new brand tone to demonstrate the strong professional consulting services with focused offerings.  Helping clients hone the presentation of their services is a key asset to working with Digital Devotee.  Creating a website and social presence that reflects that advice is part and parcel of our own consulting service.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Digital Devotee.  Throughout the process of creating a new website, Taura’s trusted advice and counsel were invaluable – steering me toward new ideas more in keeping with my brand and the services I offer.  Taura has an exceptional eye for design and offers a rare blend of creative and commercial talent.  I am absolutely delighted with the design, feel and functionality of my website, and continue to use Taura’s services to guide my social media and marketing initiatives.

Farzana Aslam
Director, Kintillo Consulting

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