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bahati B2B services

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Bahati is a Hong Kong based writing services agency that provide business content on Asia, Africa and Latin Amerca to accounting firms, publishers and those needing bespoke business intelligence. They hired Digital Devotee to help them create a website that showcases their work and knowledge areas to a targeted business audience that would give them room to grow to their next stages of expansion. The result is a clean and clear site that keeps it’s focus on the writing – much like Bahati!

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Digital Devotee got us out of online obscurity. They not only helped us develop a website but created a whole online identity for us that, in no time, helped our niche business get noticed and sought after. Digital Devotee were fantastic and dealing with the needs of our small business, timely but flexible enough so that the process was painless, enjoyable and, most of all, educational.

Alfred Romann – Director, Bahati Ltd

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