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in-store shopper analytics dashboard

in-store shopper analytics dashboard

in-store shopper analytics dashboard 579 330 digital devotee

My previous boss and all round nice guy, Melvin Yuan, is the co-founder of a pretty cool company pioneering indoor positioning technologies to tell retailers more about their customers than ever before.  It’s amazing what you can do with wi-fi data (anonamously of course!

Last week they launched TheRetailHQ® – a unique, first-of-its-kind shopper analytics dashboard powered by YFind’s own patented, highly-accurate indoor positioning system. With TheRetailHQ, they’re bringing the advanced shopper insight of online web analytics into the offline world.

How they help you:

  • Track user behavior such as movement through the store sections, how long they loiter in the dressing areas (uh oh!), whether they focus on one product more than other, frequency of return to the store, etc.
  • Create experiences that optimize user experience and brand sales based on actual movement data.
  • Better assess the ROI of marketing efforts such as advertising and promotions.


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