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hk honey | hitting the sweet spot

hk honey | hitting the sweet spot

hk honey | hitting the sweet spot 999 546 digital devotee

I’m always on the lookout for super creative Hong Kong projects that remind me what it’s all about.  My friend Carla just showed me HK Honey and I loved it straight away.  As a product and as a beautifully designed website.  Granted Michael Leung is a product designer so they had a good head start when they launched in 2010.

3 things that make this website:

  • IMAGES – The photos say more than words ever could, they create an emotional and sensual connection…can’t you taste it?
  • COMMUNITY – If Michael sat on a rooftop by himself making honey, I wouldn’t be writing about it
  • SIMPLICITY – 6 pages of clear love:)

p.s. check out the sweet infographics on the Honey Bees page and the awesome Nokia documentary on the News page.

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