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china social media landscape 2015

china social media landscape 2015

china social media landscape 2015 1004 300 digital devotee

China’s social media environment is both crowded and hard to follow – especially for non-Chinese readers. But competition is good right? Then so is originality;)

Kantar Media CIC has been putting out the best map of the situation for years and gives some good top-level notes that will help you get a grip on where to go next. Or not!

Here are their top take-aways:

  • WeChat continues to dominate, while its role and influence evolves
  • Weibo is still relevant, since it takes the pulse of what’s viral
  • Interest communities have gone mobile
  • New forms of expression emerge: Nice and Meipai
  • E-commerce reviews explode
  • Retailer-generated content is a ‘fourth media’


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