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china customers want more digital brand action

china customers want more digital brand action

china customers want more digital brand action 600 284 digital devotee


ICLP commissioned Forrester Consulting to do some research on where the gaps lay between loyalty programs and their customers’ expectations. They surveyed over 1,500 consumers in the UK, US, China, India and Brazil.

The insightful findings are outlined in their full report, but the main gaps in many countries were:

  1. Instant rewards & discounts
  2. Customisable rewards
  3. Interaction via digital channels (not enough in developing countries)
  4. Over-delivering in social (too much in developed countries)
  5. Real-time access to information

You know I’m most keen on the digital implications so let’s take a look at China for example:

  • The biggest chasm in China (27%) is the ability to redeem rewards in different ways such as mobile
  • Consumers in China are three times more likely to use instant messenger/online chat facilities than those in the UK or US.
  • 71% of Chinese surveyed have visited the website of brands they are loyal to in past 6 months, 35% have been to their social media page (only 14% in US)

Here’s an overview from the study:


Download the report >> Crossing the Loyalty Chasm

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