should multi-channel marketing matter more in asia?

First what is that fancy buzz word?  Multichannel marketing means creating opportunities to interact with potential customers on various platforms. After all we, just like our customers, look at products on mobile, computer, in shops, on our friend’s Facebook feed.

Sounds normal right?  So why does econsultancy show that Asian marketers rank it fairly low in their priorities – just 7%?

Maybe Asian marketers actually do rate mutichannel marketing as important?  Just look at these stats and you’ll see that econsultancy agrees we are more mobile and maybe even more multichannel than some other regions:

we spend more time on our mobiles than those in other regions…40% of their clients get more than 25% of their revenue from mobile.

So if we expand the definition to Customer Experience + Mobile things are looking more multi.

And we sure do seem to be interested in a lot of channels!  Read econsultancy’s articles from some examples of this is playing out in the region currently including Zalora and Dolce & Gabanna.

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