seo basics: keyword do’s and don’ts

In order for search engines like Google to understand your page, they need to know what you are writing about.  The same as people!  And helping people understand what you have to offer is what Google wants you to focus on too.



  • Write your pages for humans not search engines
  • Use words / phrases that succinctly describe what you offer
  • Use those keywords in obvious places like: URL, page title, first paragraph, meta description, image names
  • Test if those words are searched and whether you want to compete in a more niche category (this is most important for less obvious service offerings).  Play around with Google Trends for example:


  • Think you have to repeat the exact same word or phrase over and over
  • Think Google doesn’t understand synonyms (if you are talking about couches, Google will show your page to people searching for sofas too)
  • Annoyingly overuse the keyword – Google actively punishes Keyword Stuffing and who would like this sentence anyway! We sell custom oak chairs. Our custom oak chairs are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom oak chairs, please contact our custom oak chairs specialists at



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