movie written by AI interprets us


Sunspring a short science fiction film written by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Benjamin (self-named) and starring Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley fame.


The AI was fed dozens of sci-fi screenplays from online—mostly movies from the 1980s and 90s. Benjamin learned to predict which letters tended to follow each other and from there which words and phrases tended to occur together – then spit out a screenplay.  Oh, and there’s a song he wrote for it too.

The director Oscar Sharp and Ross Goodwin, AI researcher at NYU, collaborated to create the author of the film.  Benjamin is an long short-term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural network, a type of AI that is often used for text recognition.


This is an interesting artistic expression of what AI’s are already being used for and will only grow with players like Google, Microsoft, and IBM already using them.  Recognizing and interpreting text is aiding in all kinds of applications including ranking and categorizing of customer service issues and legal work such – indeed the first AI lawyer is already at work.



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