how to measure your email success (2016 data)

Hong Kongers still love email and it’s the best way to drive purchases offline (social comes in #2 at 35%). How do you know if you’re performing well? A lot hinges on the quality of your product and presentation but we know you need to start somewhere in terms of measurement. There aren’t many Hong Kong specific benchmarks around but the below Experien data is quite useful.  We’ve also taken a look at some UK stats which may help benchmark your email performance.

Hong Kong Email Behavior

  • #1 channel driving offline purchases
  • Receive too much email
  • Delete top response to unwanted email
  • Flag marketing email as spam
  • Have 2+ email accounts

About the Report
Conducted an online survey with 1,235 respondents across six Asian markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Respondents had to be at least 18 years old and had to own a mobile device.

UK Overall Across Sectors

  • Open Rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Click-to-opens rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Unsubscribe-to-opens rate

Changes in 2016 Compared to 2015

Based on averages across all of the tracked sectors, open rate showed a slight decrease. Click-through and click-to-open (CTO) showed significant increases. The average unsubscribe and unsubscribe-to-open (UTO) rates showed a slight decrease.


UK Opens and Click-through Rates by Sector

  • Legal / Accounting
  • Fashion
  • Retail B2C
  • Banking / Finance
  • Restaurant / Hospitality

About the Report
Analysed around 1.5 billion emails (over 20 billion individual data points) sent through the platform between 1st January and 31st December 2016. These are sent from a range of predominantly UK based SME and enterprise sized organisations and public sector departments.

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Global Luxury vs. Overall Retail

About the Report
Listrak compiled the 2015 email marketing metrics of nearly 30 luxury retail clients, spanning apparel, home goods and jewelry verticals. Comparing findings for a few key email campaigns to Listrak global (all retail clients) benchmarks. Publish Aug 2016


Inbox Placement Rates

It’s worth noting too that Return Path’s 2017 research on global inbox delivery rates shows that 20% of emails simply don’t reach your users.

Banking & finance, distribution & manufacturing, and travel marketers had the highest inbox placement rates of all industries, each achieving average inbox placement rates of 90 percent or more.  Automotive, education / nonprofit / government, and social & dating industries struggled to reach their subscribers, each with inbox placement rates below 78 percent.




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