hong kong digital marketing stats 2017Q2

I’ve put together a round up of digital statistics for Hong Kong spanning social, email and advertising as it always seems tough to find data in one place! Hope you haven’t been on autopilot with your email efforts or ignoring YouTube!

Email is still queen in Hong Kong!

Channels that resulted in offline purchase after seeing ad or promotional content

  • % HK in 2016

They like to receive information from their favourite brands or companies here

Email 39%

The top reason most cited by respondents for unsubscribing from marketing updates is email overload.

Too much 63%
Not relevant 38%
Seems like you don't know me 28%

What do they do with unwanted emails?

Delete 45%
Spam 21%
Unsubscribe 23%

Hong Kongers that own a connected wearable

Yes 21%

Feel insecure when shopping online

Mastercard Survey (April 2017)

Yes 37.4%

Sentiment + Advertising

Nielsen’s 2017 research shows, despite a cautious outlook, almost half of the advertisers in Hong Kong (48%) believe that the economy has stabilized and will remain the same as the previous year, while 6% of advertisers expect economic conditions to improve. This is in stark contrast to last year in which 82% of advertisers believed that the market would continue to worsen.

As the survey also shows, advertisers are looking to increase their advertising spending in 2017 as 26% said their budget will increase while 48% said their budget will remain unchanged. Advertisers are also looking to shift more focus from offline to online and mobile. It appears that 2017 will be the first time ever for online advertising spending (51%) to surpass that of offline (49%).

Among the 51% of online budget, over half is expected to be paid ad, 28% use content marketing. Advertisers believe that online marketing is more relevant for their target markets (74%) and can improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns (74%). Expanding the reach (63%) and adding more touch points (52%) are also some of the key reasons for the shift.

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We Are Social compiles great snapshot reports of digital, and particularly social media, annually. Take a look at many other markets they cover as well!

Most active social media platforms

Social media active uses in Hong Kong

Of population 75%
Use on mobile 66%
Growth YOY 15%

Snapchat download app rank in Hong Kong

Facebook and Instagram consistently appear in the top 25 of app downloads in Hong Kong and Singapore, Snapchat is currently hovering around #33 in Singapore and #57 in Hong Kong. (April 2017)

Facebook 21#
Instagram 23#
Snapchat 57#

E-Commerce activities in the past 30 days

Researched 73%
Visited online store 59%
Made online purchase (desktop / laptop) 43%
Made online purchase (mobile) 39%

Social Bakers is also a good quick reference to some social media account holder stats.  Here are some top line numbers from May 2017.  Facebook: Top brand by fans is Ensogo.  Top brand by interaction is Hybebae.  Fastest growning is Agnes b Cafe.

Facebook brands average

Fans 277,940#
Interactions 28,235#
Admin posts 54#
Reactions 75%
Photo posts 55%
Response rate 63%
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