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28 January 2015

free moodboard means stylish sharing

Looking for a way to get your ideas across to someone who needs to see what your style is?  Moodboard is a free tool that let’s you nicely piece together images + comments to show what you mean. Very handy for telling your boss the gist of something before you start or for letting a…

16 January 2015

testing instagram’s embed feature

See how the embed feature can help entice viewers from your site to your instagram account. Instagram is a great visual tool to express the more lively / casual aspect of your brand and keep in touch with time poor / visual sensualists – we love our phones after all as our recent article shows….

27 March 2014

framefeed live social visuals for events

Hong Kong's very own Visionaries 777 has cooked up a great tool for making your event more beautifully social!  It's called FrameFeed and you've probably gotten a taste of it already if you went to Clockenflap. It helps you connect with your guests by crowdsourcing their Instagrams and Tweets at events. Engaging your audience members...
19 December 2013

thunderclap synchronized mass social messaging

If your company or cause is looking for a way to amplify your social message, Thunderclap might be a solution for you.  As Facebook Hong Kong told me themselves, Facebook page posts reach only about 16% of a page’s fans, so finding a way to increase reach is critical for marketers. Thunderclap launched in May…