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16 October 2014

luxury hotels market 2014

Interest in luxury hotels continues to recover but digital presence isn't keep pace. Several recent reports demonstrate a continued growth in interest in luxury hospitality, particularly super exclusive properties, however digital is still  struggling with many brands needing to catch up. increase in global consumer interest in luxury hospitality growth in interest coming from china...
9 June 2014

china luxury goods market 2014

Recent news on the Chinese luxury market has been negative but don't despair, there's still a lot of good movement. L2 Think Tank's The Digital IQ Index®: Luxury – China examines the digital competence in China of 95 global and five local Fashion, Watches and Jewelry brands across four dimensions of digital: Site & E-commerce,...
15 January 2014

report: china mobile internet in 2013

Analysys and Enfodesk have published their Statistical Report of China Mobile Internet in 2013. Good hard numbers for any market aiming at the China market. What they say is make sure you have a mobile app for Android and think about men in smaller towns who shop for less expensive products! Not to say there...
14 November 2013

the world luxury index china 2013

The Digital Luxury Group has issued their 2nd edition of the World Luxury Index™ China ranking and analyzing the most-sought after luxury brands in China. This year’s report reveals that Chinese consumer interest in the luxury market is dominated by heavyweights: Cars (53.50%), Beauty (22.70%) and Fashion (14.90%). New brands to enter the Top 50…