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16 October 2014

luxury hotels market 2014

Interest in luxury hotels continues to recover but digital presence isn't keep pace. Several recent reports demonstrate a continued growth in interest in luxury hospitality, particularly super exclusive properties, however digital is still  struggling with many brands needing to catch up. increase in global consumer interest in luxury hospitality growth in interest coming from china...
9 June 2014

china luxury goods market 2014

Recent news on the Chinese luxury market has been negative but don't despair, there's still a lot of good movement. L2 Think Tank's The Digital IQ Index®: Luxury – China examines the digital competence in China of 95 global and five local Fashion, Watches and Jewelry brands across four dimensions of digital: Site & E-commerce,...
6 September 2013

new easier facebook promotion rules

WOWZA!  Something huge has happened at Facebook that will change the way any marketer uses their Page.  After years of not allowing Page owners to hold promotional competitions on their timelines, they’ve broken down and will now allow actions such as likes, posts, and shares to be used to award users, count as votes and…

24 April 2013

chinese world’s top luxury consumers

You knew it was true!  But now Bain has crunched the numbers.  Chinese account for one in four of global luxury consumers changing the luxury market at home and abroad. Key figures you luxury marketers should pay attention to: Global luxury goods market made up of 25% Chinese nationals Asian luxury goods market 50% Greater…

10 April 2013

you need to go touch

When are we going to stop thinking mobile = smartphone?  Sooner than you think!  Tablet web traffic has now overtaken smartphones so if you’re selling something online (and even if you aren’t) it’s time to get your touch optimized website built. 5 Reasons to Go Touch As of march 2013, global website traffic from tablets…

14 March 2013

now get pinterest analysis for your website

If you’ve been wondering which shiny object on your website is most popular, here’s another way to find out.  Pinterest has just launched their own free analytics tool that gives you metrics on pins from your website. Companies have been joining the popular image focused social media site for some time but making use of…