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30 September 2013

buzz monitoring tool comparison

One of the most valuable tools a digital marketer has is the ability to understand who is talking about his brand and where they are saying it.  That knowledge is essential to targeting your audience, crafting your content, and measuring the impact of your communications – and catching building PR crises! There are many tools…

10 September 2013

asia digital analytics summit | 11 oct 2013

Asia Digital Analytics Summit 2012 attracted over 250 senior marketing and analytics professionals around Asia Pacific. This year they will once again bring all the professionals together in Hong Kong on the 11th October 2013. There will be 2 tracks this year in order to cover both technology as well as the business side of data…

2 April 2013

china social media landscape

Five years after its first publication of the Brian Solis inspired chart, CIC has launched the most recent China Social Media Landscape infographic.  A handy reference for new entrants into the China market to identify platforms similar to the well-known international brands.  The 4 categories are helpful to get a grip on the growing gaggle…

14 March 2013

now get pinterest analysis for your website

If you’ve been wondering which shiny object on your website is most popular, here’s another way to find out.  Pinterest has just launched their own free analytics tool that gives you metrics on pins from your website. Companies have been joining the popular image focused social media site for some time but making use of…

6 February 2013

future of social media tools

Managing social media is getting more sophisticated and we’re all looking for ways to show ROI and bring followers into our CRM systems.  There are heaps of tools on the market and acquisitions by large companies are snapping up the independents. Where will it all go? I read a great article outlining some 2013 predictions…