My name is Taura Edgar and I started Digital Devotee in 2011 to help businesses express their brand and get things done on the web. That starts with identifying their target audience, crafting the message that will achieve their business goals while maintaining a genuine brand voice and translating those into a digital marketing strategy that goes places.

Digital Devotee provides digital marketing services from designing and building simple websites to creating complex social media customer service capabilities. I work with my direct clients to create digital brand and customer experiences or in-house as a consultant to improve digital business and operations, train staff, and analyze resourcing.

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I am a digital marketing professional based in Hong Kong since 1998. My experience spans digital marketing, branding, PR, advertising, customer service, loyalty, and media. I have developed and led digital teams to grow brands. and I have a keen interest in brand communications, digital strategy, customer service for social media and how those can work together with CRM to enhance customer experience / retention. I value long-term vision of enriching customer experience to extend loyalty above short-term fixes (though we all get to do those too!)

Clients in my previous life include 7-Eleven, Chloe, CNN, CSL mobile operator, Intel, Jebsen luxury and industrial products group, SunLife insurance, Synovate research, ZUJI online travel.

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