a/b test your website content with google analytics

Knowing what content and UX design will trigger your users to take the action you aim for starts with research!  If you’ve already gotten feedback and analyzed your user statistics, it’s time to test your new designs.  Well thought out designs can be easily tested by taking a few minutes to set up a Google Analytics Content Experiment.

You should do this whether you are testing new copy writing, small changes to CTA placements or larger scale redesigns.

What You Can Do

  • Compare how different web pages or app screens perform using a random sample of your users
  • Define what percentage of your users are included in the experiment
  • Choose which success objective you’d like to test
    • Bounce rate
    • Time spent
    • Page views
    • Your own goal such as sales conversion, email signup
  • Distribute traffic evenly to each, or dynamically
  • Set experiment duration up to 2 weeks
  • Set confidence threshhold
  • Up to 10 versions
  • Must be from same domain (e.g. http://digitaldevotee.com/homev1, http://digitaldevotee.com/homev2)
  • Get updates by email about how your experiment is doing
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