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Digital Devotee provides digital marketing services from designing and building simple websites to creating complex social media customer service capabilities.  We work with our direct clients to create digital brand and customer experiences or in-house as a consultant to improve digital business and operations, train staff, and analyze resourcing.

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who's doing your strategy?


Articulating your business needs is part psychology and part numbers…what comes next is the fun stuff!

is your brand consistent?


Creating an identity that speaks for your brand is a key step in communicating to your audience.

if you live in a mess, you feel a mess!


Your site should be your home from which everything else flows – let’s make it work for your business strategy and give customers a chance to fall in love.

it's still the most valuable touchpoint


You’ve built your home…now you need to invite some friends over.  Otherwise they might forget where you live:)

if a tree falls in the forest...


Now it’s party time!  Get photographic, competitive and service focused in the same place your audience is.

help me and i'll love you!


So they’re about to buy your widget, but they have a question.  Will you be available on your website or Facebook?  Can you measure your success in servicing clients?


  • facebook events get better with subscribe

    Facebook is finally making events easier to promote again!  If your business organizes events in the real world, webinars or chat meetups you'll be keen to start using the new Events Subscribe tool.  Here's how it works: Create your events in Facebook Go to your Events tab and share the event to your page, timeline...
  • image size guide for social media

    The nice people at SumAll have created a handy cheatsheet infographic for the current optimal sizes for the most common social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Making the most of each image you have available on social media is critical to attracting users by creating clear messages and letting them fall in…
  • what to do if you think your wordpress site has been hacked

    Hacking seems to be on the rise recently so here are a few things to do that will make your WordPress site more secure and some steps to take if the dratted beasts have got to you.   ANTI-VIRUS Trouble can start at home so do a full scan of your computer.  Avira is a…
  • bain: luxury goods worldwide market study fall-winter 2014

    Bain & Company’s always great report is out now and you should be reading it if you want to sell to an affluent audience.     WHAT IT SAYS   #1 NYC #2 Japan (is that a city??) #3 Paris #4 London #5 Hong Kong #8 Beijing #11 Shanghai The market for personal luxury goods…
  • free moodboard means stylish sharing

    Looking for a way to get your ideas across to someone who needs to see what your style is?  Moodboard is a free tool that let’s you nicely piece together images + comments to show what you mean. Very handy for telling your boss the gist of something before you start or for letting a…
  • testing instagram’s embed feature

    See how the embed feature can help entice viewers from your site to your instagram account. Instagram is a great visual tool to express the more lively / casual aspect of your brand and keep in touch with time poor / visual sensualists – we love our phones after all as our recent article shows….
  • hong kong smartphone statistics

    We like phones.  A lot.  Especially men.  Even if we’re walking down the street.  We don’t leave the house without them. So, if you are a F&B venue, travel business, job provider, or housing / real estate related (and any other really!) you had better be showing us something decent on our mobile devices! Here…
  • getting more out of your e-commerce with pinterest

    Pinterest has been adding tools for businesses for some time now.  Wondering how to use them for e-commerce?  Here’s a great example of harnessing people’s desires into purchase behavior straight from their email inbox. A while ago I pinned a dress a really liked and the other day I received this email alerting me that…