Digital Devotee provides digital marketing services from designing and building simple websites to creating complex social media customer service capabilities.  We work with our direct clients to create digital brand and customer experiences or in-house as a consultant to improve digital business and operations, train staff, and analyze resourcing.





Articulating your business needs is part psychology and part numbers…what comes next is the fun stuff!



Creating an identity that speaks for your brand is a key step in communicating to your audience.



Your site should be your home from which everything else flows – let’s make it work for your business strategy and give customers a chance to fall in love.



You’ve built your home…now you need to invite some friends over.  Otherwise they might forget where you live:)



Now it’s party time!  Get photographic, competitive and service focused in the same place your audience is.



So they’re about to buy your widget, but they have a question.  Will you be available on your website or Facebook?  Can you measure your success in servicing clients?


  • testing instagram’s embed feature

    See how the embed feature can help entice viewers from your site to your instagram account. Instagram is a great visual tool to express the more lively / casual aspect of your brand and keep in touch with time poor / visual sensualists – we love our phones after all as out recent article shows….
  • hong kong smartphone statistics

    We like phones.  A lot.  Especially men.  Even if we’re walking down the street.  We don’t leave the house without them. So, if you are a F&B venue, travel business, job provider, or housing / real estate related (and any other really!) you had better be showing us something decent on our mobile devices! Here…
  • luxury hotels market 2014

    Interest in luxury hotels continues to recover but digital presence isn't keep pace. Several recent reports demonstrate a continued growth in interest in luxury hospitality, particularly super exclusive properties, however digital is still  struggling with many brands needing to catch up. increase in global consumer interest in luxury hospitality growth in interest coming from china...
  • china luxury goods market 2014

    Recent news on the Chinese luxury market has been negative but don't despair, there's still a lot of good movement. L2 Think Tank's The Digital IQ Index®: Luxury – China examines the digital competence in China of 95 global and five local Fashion, Watches and Jewelry brands across four dimensions of digital: Site & E-commerce,...
  • asia miles top 4 most devoted facebook brands

    Congrats to ICLP and Asia Miles for putting in the time to earn Top 4 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands from Social Bakers for April 2014. It takes a smart customer service team committed to social media to engage with audiences and create loyalty! Digital Devotee was the key digital consultant at loyalty agency ICLP to formulate Asia Miles‘...
  • our social media predictions in HKTDC

    HKTDC’s Hong Kong Trader asked me for my social media predictions in their article The Power of Social Media recently.  Check out the full article which also has some wise words from Tom Tobin at Visa Hong Kong and Macau and Jonathan Liu from Moonlight Marketing.     Here are my two cents… Visual Presence…
  • beautiful editorial = flat mobile design

    I fell in love today.  Timely since copywriters Rach Read, Kate Farr (former Sassy Hong Kong editors gals) and I were just talking about what makes a great editorial site yesterday at coffee. What's making me gush?  It's a news site called OZY.  OK, it's not a start up on a shoestring - they are...
  • getting more out of your e-commerce with pinterest

    Pinterest has been adding tools for businesses for some time now.  Wondering how to use them for e-commerce?  Here’s a great example of harnessing people’s desires into purchase behavior straight from their email inbox. A while ago I pinned a dress a really liked and the other day I received this email alerting me that…